OSF Upcycling ART

OSF Student Skittlez Gunn writes:

Bring In Your Used Skateboards

Do you want a custom graphic on your skateboard but can't afford a brand new OSF board? Now you can bring in your gently used skateboard and have an OSF student personalize it for just $50. Not only will you get your own custom graphic, you'll also have the experience of working with an OSF student and show your support for our school.

To get a custom graphic on your board, call Oasis Skateboard Factory at 416-393-0845 or send an email to oasisskateboardfactory@gmail.com and find out when you can bring your board in.

Broken Board Portraits

Now you can commission an OSF student to create a broken board portrait of you or your loved one for just $50—forty-five if you bring your own broken board. Bring us a photo and we'll turn it into a portrait on a broken board of your choosing.

Broken board portraits are great gifts, look amazing in the home, and are a brilliant way to reuse something most people would throw away. It's also a great way to show your support for our school and what we do.

To get your own broken board portrait, call Oasis Skateboard Factory at 416-393-0845 or send an email to oasisskateboardfactory@gmail.com .